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Make Me a Blessing ~ Part 3


March 31st – Easter

{We attended Easter service with Robert & Kendalyn at their church. From Oak Brook we headed up to Long Grove, to spend a week with eight children whose parents would be away. Daddy left later in the afternoon to fly back to Charlotte.}


April 1st – April 5th

{We spent the week with eight children – keeping the house in order, overseeing school and work assignments, making meals, caring for little ones…I came down with a stomach virus which lasted several days, and got a pinched nerve. A few of the younger ones were under the weather for a little while. In spite of some difficult circumstances, we played games, told stories, made pizza, and laughed…}

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April 5th – April 7th

{We went back to Oak Brook (a short drive) to visit the Staddons for another weekend of fun and fellowship! They took us out to eat at a really great place called Sweet Tomatoes. We toured Navy Pier in Chicago, ate more pizza while in the city, visited the Pacific Garden Mission (during which we heard a powerful testimony from one staff member who used to be a drug addict and alcoholic; we also sat in on a live recording of Unshackled, a radio drama episode, with professional actors, music, sound effect, and narration…), and visited with Mr. Gothard and some staff/staff families who live on the IBLP Campus (Robert & Kendalyn live on campus and serve the IBLP ministry).

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April 8th

{We drove to Pittsburgh, PA to visit some friends who moved away from Charlotte a few years ago – an evening of sweet fellowship and catching up!}

April 9th

{We drove to Pennsburg, PA to visit our great Aunt Marie (my grandfather’s sister). We spent the night with a sweet older lady (Mrs. R) in the area whose son has opened his home to our family many times (especially when we were coming to PA often to visit our grandparents, before grandpa passed away)!}


April 10th

{Mrs. R took us out to Lancaster County PA, to see all our favorite little places in Amish Country – Shady Maple smorgasbord and gift shop, Kitchen Kettle Village, Weaver’s Store, Lapp’s Ice Cream…) We also visited the Sight and Sound Bible Theatre, and saw the Noah production. Later in the evening we drove to VA to visit the Wilkes Family!}

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April 11th

{Farm life experience! Wilkes Team 1 took us to visit Wilkes Team 2 for the morning. We weeded flower beds, chopped up clay soil to prepare for planting, spread a truck-load of mulch throughout the various gardens, planted potatoes, and worked on some things under the house (a few of the guys)… Back at Honey Brook Farm, we spent the afternoon working outside! While the mothers talked inside, I learned how to catch chickens and move them to new pasture, and plant Christmas trees (we put in about 50 of the 500). We played a new game that we bought in Lancaster PA, a new version of the many Catan games we have collected over the years…}

Josh & Lisa Wilkes posted a few pictures from the morning Here.

April 12th

{The Wilkes ladies took us shopping in Culpeper, and we found some great deals. We had an early lunch, before hitting the road, back toward home!}

April 13th

Home 🙂 Sweet 🙂 Home 🙂