Sunshine and Smiles | Vero Beach FL


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After a short¬†stay {overnight} in Jacksonville FL, we made our way to Vero Beach the following day {Monday} and arrived at our grandparent’s house just in time for lunch!


How fun is this? Not only did we see fields and fields of citrus fruit trees, but we happened by a truck that was being loaded with grapefruits! ūüôā

Florida has ranches, did you know? And what a sight to see cows grazing in sandy fields along-side palm trees. ūüėČ


Nana, Bethany and Josiah – just before we left {late afternoon} to drive the rest of the way to Singer Island.

We were privileged to visit with Nana and Pop-pop again at Singer Island a couple of days later. They drove an hour and a half to come see us while we were vacationing on the beach!

Part 3 | Singer Island 1

Sunshine and Smiles | Savannah GA


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With the coming of 2015, we began talking about¬†a trip to Florida. It’s been 15 years since we visited our grandparents at their Florida home, and they encouraged us to make vacation plans this year.

And then something came in the mail just a short while later… the opportunity to stay at a vacation club resort on Singer island, for 4 days!! For a small price we were offered an amazing experience… along with a 90 minute sales presentation where they hoped to sell us a lifelong membership to their vacation club.

Florida, here we come! ūüôā


Our first stop was the little historic town of Savannah GA. Apparently everyone loves this beautiful little town as much as we do. We drove the place for all of 15 minutes looking for a parking place anywhere. And then after lunch we drove a few blocks over to the one-way cobblestone street along the river {2 times around}, looking for another parking spot {so that we could visit our favorite candy shop where they make delicious treats behind a glass panel}.





IMG_1062 IMG_1059

We bought gelato {Italian ice cream} and some southern pralines {for later} … what a treat!


IMG_1068 IMG_1081


What a great start to our vacation! Next stop… Jacksonville Florida {where we spent the night and then continued on to Vero Beach and Singer Island the following day}.

Part 2 | Vero Beach, FL


Our Little Men


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12 and 7 years ago 2 very special little men were born into our family.¬†The first was a¬†gift brought about by a heart change and God’s gracious blessing; the second was a miracle because he fought his way bravely into this world with “all odds against him”. God is sovereign. Grace and love are not factored into chance. And though the doctors said it should not have been, it was HIS¬†perfect plan¬†– from¬†the beginning of time.

_MG_9236 IMG_7761

IMG_7677 _MG_0767

“This is the Lord’s doing. It is marvelous in our eyes.” Psalm 118:23

We love these 2 very much. They are precious in more ways than we can count.

These little men have very big hearts – they serve our family¬†each day¬†by emptying the trash, folding laundry, and tidying house. They tackle house projects with Daddy and the older guys. They want to be involved in whatever it is that needs doing – even taking on entrepreneurial endeavors at their small ages. They diligently study to learn. They are kind and giving, consistently looking for ways to make life “special” for various ones – a flower for mom, a note sent through the mail to someone, assistance with cleaning or meal-preparations, and the list goes on.

They have great goals and aspirations. They can be found reading their Bible every single morning, and perhaps copying down some verses in their notebook or journal. They share insights from the Word during family devotions and “good news” during gratitude time. They are truly little men that seek, like David, to be men after God’s own heart.

Happy Birthday Josiah and Timothy! We love you and pray God’s richest blessings on you in this new year ahead.

West Virginia Travels | Happy New Year!


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Following a very full and exciting week with friends from KS (Christmas), we spent the next 24 hours packing for yet another adventure. The Staddons invited us to their beautiful WV home for the New Year!


The evening of our arrival (New Year’s Eve), the Staddons had several guests come for a special time of music that they had prepared, fun foods, and games. Sadly, not all stayed¬†awake for the coming of the New Year ;-).

IMG_0539_2 IMG_0577

IMG_0562_2 IMG_0548_2

Games, games and more games! This is how it usually goes when Stelzls visit Staddons. Bud chess, settlers of catan, dutch blitz, football… and a variety of other indoor and outdoor games. The Staddons taught us some new board games and card games, and we showed them how to play a favorite card game and group game that we learned over Christmas!

15 - 3

15 - 4

IMG_0614 IMG_0613_2

Ice cream one evening… delicious!

The girl had an opportunity to visit some of the people around town – bread deliveries for David, who makes and sells fresh whole wheat breads, and also a tea time with one sweet elderly lady who welcomed us over for the afternoon. Hot chocolate, apple pies, and much conversation!


IMG_0602_2 IMG_0588

Some of us girls also enjoyed singing around the piano one evening.


The parents played Scrabble and other fun games, and went on a double date one evening while all of the kids had a grand time back at the house.



Ping-pong in the garage. This happens to be another favorite Stelzl/Staddon activity.


IMG_0607_2 IMG_0605_2

“Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.” Psalm 133:1

The Staddons are such a blessing and encouragement – and so much fun to be around! We truly enjoyed our visit, and look forward to the next time that our paths cross. Thank you Staddons for your gracious hospitality, and sweet friendship – we love you all!

Like Family


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Meet the S Family Рthis lovely group of people found one of our blogs and started reading a while back… which led to following other blogs. Someone left a comment {which we all read}, mentioning a little about their family and life and entrepreneurial endeavors…


<The Billy Graham Library, Christmas 2014>

This past June we attended a homeschool conference in Nashville TN‚Ķ and guess who sat in the row behind¬†us that¬†entire week‚Ķ? I turned around at the end of the first evening session, and someone said “You’re The Country Muffin!” And that’s how our families officially met in person.

What drew our families together is quite a story. Through a series of divinely appointed events…


Their son Nathan started talking on the phone with David on a weekly basis, shortly after the conference in June. I started emailing the mom and writing the daughters. We exchanged occasional phone calls as well. Then in July someone came up with the big idea that we should invite this sweet family to come for Christmas.


<The Farming Game…>

It was really just a passing thought… I mean seriously, who is going to drive over 20 hours from KS to visit a family they hardly know for an entire week Рand during the Christmas season?! It was a nice idea.


<Ice-cream sundaes on Saturday>

They liked it. We liked it.

But some sticky circumstances made it difficult. Dog care for 4 dogs. A place to stay on the way. Scheduling details {with relatives wanting to visit them as well}…

IMG_0451 IMG_0471

We had to prepare ourselves *many* times to give up the whole idea. Doors kept opening, and closing… opening and closing. The visit did not look very promising… but we were still hopeful.

IMG_0461 IMG_0475

<S & S sisters… and… a gingerbread house building contest!>

And then someone announced that it was happening. Actually happening! The news was shared with our family through a very creative message written on a whiteboard. We laughed and squealed, and talked and talked and talked about how *excited* we were! Gifts were prepared and special foods planned… and activities!

IMG_0478 IMG_0479

<Games and puzzles… so so many! >

And then, Wednesday¬†December 24th they arrived!! They were scheduled to arrive Tuesday evening, but terrible weather conditions made it that the trip took *much* longer than planned. Bethany and I were the *very happy* 2 who waited up until past 1 am to¬†hug all our stranger friends as they piled in through the front door – exhausted, hungry, and happy. ūüôā


<4 on a couch>

What a week! 7 days packed FULL of excitement!

IMG_0407 IMG_0408

Singing, games, football, basketball, thrift-store shopping, family devotionals, gingerbread-house building contest, a birthday celebration, laughing, fellowshipping¬†over food, hugs, wrestling, reading, story-telling, baking, early mornings and late/early nights ūüėČ ‚Ķ


On one occasion we took them to a fun grocery store, Trader Joe’s {they live a LONG way from just about any store that is familiar to most of us} – Mrs. S and all her daughters plus the 3 of us Stelzl girls. Many people stopped to ask if we were all sisters, and we had a lovely conversation with a sweet polish lady who was stocking shelves, and a fun mother of 4 whose bright smile encouraged us to stop and thank her for being a cheerful worker.


<The Billy Graham Library>

We played crazy football in soft squishy mud after lots of rain… slipping and sliding‚Ķ and then indoors to scrub out all our clothes and be clean again.

The guys worked on David’s van, tightening the power steering belt and replacing the¬†hose. ūüôā


We played basketball‚Ķ a small injury resulted in unexpected excruciating pain a few hours later, and then a trip to the bone doctor day after Christmas to see if an ankle fracture had occurred. Many hands worked together to help me recover quickly. A tea soak, oils, crutches, a brace, and even a sweet sister climbing up into my bunk bed to wrap my foot up for me when I couldn’t move or help myself at all. Games helped the pain to be a little more bearable. The bruised bone {fractured tiny outer layer on the bone} recovered in less than 2 days and soon we were back outside playing football, capture the flag, follow the judge to court, and other fun games {including after-dark games}.

IMG_0403 _MG_8321

We visited the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte and then drove to Mcadenville {also known as Christmas Town USA} to see the beautiful Christmas lights all throughout the town.

One evening the parents went out on a dinner date, and all the kids stayed behind to eat homemade pizza and have a blast!


<Gingerbread house building contest – Team 1: Abigail, Bethany, David, Hannah, Rachel, Jonathan>


<Team 2 – Sarah, Ruth, Josiah, Timothy, Nathan, Naomi>


We took a walk throughout the neighborhood on Christmas day, which involved a few of us girls chasing away 2 over-friendly dogs {we had brought along our 2 german shepherds} while the others started back towards home… and then we raced down the hill to catch up with them.


<Silly¬†faces ūüėČ >

We talked about embarrassing moments. A few actually occurred during various outings planned throughout the visit, which made for much laughter around the table at dinner time! ūüôā



_MG_8327 _MG_8340

Naomi and I {both in pink} have so much in common that everyone began calling us “the twins”. We discovered a few more pairs of twins between our families as well‚Ķ and even 2 sets of triplets ūüėČ ‚Ķ which made things all the more fun!

_MG_8310 _MG_8313

One thing we love about the S family is that they say “Good Mornin’ ” in a really fun way‚Ķ no matter what time of day it is. It’s a fun greeting that makes everyone smile, and it’s especially funny when it’s later in the evening or well into the afternoon.

It’s rather contagious‚Ķin fact, it’s quickly becoming a Stelzl phrase ūüėČ …

Just for the record, between our 2 families we have a lot of fun phrases and sayings in common. It’s super fun when you can say “You mean y’all say that too!?”

_MG_8347 _MG_8316




<S & S Families Christmas 2014>

It’s rare. So rare in life that you meet a family that you hit it off with right away. A connection takes place, a bonding is established. You find yourself relating to them in so many ways‚Ķ agreeing on big and small matters‚Ķ seeing things from the same perspective. You laugh about the same things and share similar concerns. Simple conversations become heart to heart talks wherein both walk away encouraged and challenged toward a deeper friendship and a closer walk with Christ.

That’s how it was with the S family. It was more than a visit with great people. It was more than a time of getting to know friends as better FRIENDS. It was more then fun and food and fellowship.

It was beautiful connection.

As we said to one another all week long‚Ķ y’all are like family now.

Thank you so much S family for coming *so* far, and going through *so much* to make this visit happen. We are grateful that the Lord worked this out, and are truly looking forward to the next visit!!

We love you all so much. <3

See more pictures here.