Many Hands Make Light Work


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Tonight is date night for our parents – the perfect evening for some of us kids to go to a farm in the neighborhood and get a load of horse manure for our garden! We look forward to putting more plants in this Fall, and are so grateful for the abundant harvest we’ve received through our mulch gardening efforts!




_MG_0851 _MG_0807



Many hands make light work! Great job team!! And thank you Mr. Baldwin for allowing us to come by your farm this evening. We are so enjoying the transformation that has already taken place in our garden! :-)

Preparing the Garden


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It’s almost time to get our Fall garden going! We’ve been working on removing all the plants that are finished producing. Praise the Lord for an abundant harvest this year!! We still have quite a few fresh tomatoes and carrots coming in – which we are fully enjoying. :-)

_MG_0640 _MG_0664

_MG_0667 _MG_0669

Someone found a lovely spider on the cucumber frame. ;-)


Ripping out green beans

_MG_0693 _MG_0706

_MG_0703 _MG_0701

_MG_0718 _MG_0685

We’ve enjoyed several fresh melons from our garden… and more to come {this one in the picture will be ready soon}. :-)

_MG_0714We’re working on an exciting building project this weekend! There will be an update with pictures on that soon!! :-)

Lord, how manifold are thy works! in wisdom hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches.” (Psalm 104:24)

A Guest from Georgia


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Meet Ruth, a sweet girl from Georgia who met our family at a homeschool conference several years ago! We were blessed to have her visit us, on her way up to New England to attend Bible School.


Fun times… a walk through the neighborhood, followed by Settlers of Catan, and big dinner preparations with more guests!!









And a fun girls’ shot before she left!



Shoveling Mulch


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Today was the perfect day to spread one last load of mulch that’s been on the edge of our yard for a while! Many hands make the work go faster… and it’s much more fun that way!! :-)

_MG_0444 _MG_0456



_MG_0436Bethany took a short video here.

And just a quick update on the Mulch Gardening… In the Fall of 2012 after watching Back to Eden, we created our first mulch garden in hopes of letting the ground prepare for planting. And Spring of 2013 we planted our vegetable garden and put in our orchard (which is also a large herb garden now!). We have enjoyed an abundance of fresh vegetables this year (cucumbers, tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, green beans, watermelon, potatoes, carrots, blueberries  and blackberries) now that our rocky orange clay soil has been transformed into some wonderful dirt (well, almost! There’s still a layer of mulch but if you dig deep enough you get beautiful dark soil!!).

Visiting Pop-pop & Nana


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Earlier this month we had the opportunity to travel to VA, and visit our grandparents!! Pop-pop and Nana own a beautiful house in the Bristol area, and have a boat … which always makes for a great day on the lake, swimming, picnicking, and making memories together.

IMG_1255 Matching sisters :-)


Taking a walk after dinner…


A family game of volleyball!

IMG_1295 IMG_1473

Working on a 1000 piece puzzle – when we arrived the border was just started. Nana, Sarah, and Bethany  finished the puzzle on Saturday afternoon. :-)


An exciting day on the lake…


Swimming from the boat to “the cliff” … a popular place to jump from.



IMG_1417 IMG_1328

The water was high this year, so the cliff was only about 12 feet.

IMG_1348 IMG_1272

We enjoyed our time so much! What a blessing to take time away as a family, and be together. And how very grateful we are to have Godly grandparents who love spending time with our family, and who faithfully pray for us and encourage us – in so many ways! We love you Pop-pop and Nana!!

Sarah also posted here.