IMG_9490Welcome to our blog! We’re so glad you stopped by. :-)

We are a homeschooling family of 9 from North Carolina, with children ranging from 6 to 22 years of age. We love showing hospitality, encouraging other families toward a vision for discipleship and entrepreneurialism. In 2011 we started Raising Entrepreneurs  as a family – designed to help families raise up Godly entrepreneurs, build successful businesses, and  avoid many of the downfalls in the public education system.

Dave (Daddy,) owns his own company – Stelzl Visionary Learning Concepts. He is a professional speaker, working mostly with technology companies – doing workshops on selling, business strategy sessions, marketing, developing  a value proposition and executive coaching. He has published 3 books and is working on a fourth. Dave has a passion for working with young men on entrepreneurial pursuits and longs to help equip them to build their own businesses. He also loves encouraging fathers to be intimately involved in their children’s education and training, and desires to help them grasp a vision for their families. Dave loves backpacking, woodworking, mountain biking, spending time with his children, and helping them develop their home businesses.

IMG_0282Tina (Mommy,) diligently keeps everything organized and running smoothly. She has a passion for natural healthcare, and loves helping people treat sickness with natural methods. She also loves to encourage other home-school mothers, by sharing with them how to get their school programs running efficiently. When given the opportunity, she loves to share on topics of healthcare, weathering trials and suffering, and homeschooling. Tina really enjoys traveling, especially if it leads to the doorstep of friends, motivational conferences, or opportunities to disciple and encourage others.

10616540_275450989329364_169318926611338673_nHannah (22) has a real heart for ministering to young ladies and encouraging them in their walks with the Lord. She has a Christian counseling ministry and works with a number of young ladies and their families. Check out her ministry site here. She also does some graphic designing for her dad and sister’s companies. Hannah loves to ride horses, play the piano (she has a special ability to sit down and play the most beautiful arrangements with practically no effort, and no practice), and reading great books! She sings with her sisters, teaches some of the younger ones,  and helps care for the home.

IMG_0803Sarah (20) is a huge helper in caring for the home and loves showing hospitality. She plans the weekly menu and does most of the cooking. She enjoys working as office manager for her dad’s business, teaching math to her younger brothers, taking pictures, and being in the garden! She has a real heart for the lost, and loves to encourage young people toward a deeper relationship with Christ and their families. Sarah also enjoys baking (she has worked for her brother’s bakery), being with children, and outdoor recreation. She owns her own company making and selling herbal products, and is currently studying from home to become a Certified Clinical Herbalist, and Health Educator.

David (19) is our first born son and Dad’s right hand man. He is a tremendous blessing, serving, leading, and taking on many responsibilities. He helps his dad around the house (whether repairs or maintenance) and with building project. David cares for the lawn, keeps bees, and is a great problem-solver. He builds incline boards to sell to physical therapists in the area, and owns a baking business (baking desserts for local shops and restaurants, and catering for special events). He also enjoys backpacking, camping, mountain biking, woodworking, constructing things, cooking, (especially breakfasts, gourmet desserts, and Italian food) creating new recipes, and playing the piano. David has a real heart for God and enjoys being a part of our discipleship and hospitality ministry.

IMG_0449Bethany (16) is a great blessing in the area of showing compassion and giving love. She loves to leave little notes for her Dad when he will be getting home from a trip.  She enjoys horses, outdoor recreation, art, sewing, quilling, card-making, crocheting, cake decorating, and reading. She does small office jobs for her dad, and is currently in the process of being trained to take on some of the larger jobs. Bethany makes and sells beautiful hand-quilled cards. she loves participating in our discipleship ministry, especially having families over. She longs to see people come to Christ and has a heart for encouraging young ladies in their relationships with God and their family.

_MG_9253Jonathan (14) is our handy-man. He’s always busily inventing something new and wonderful, which includes fixing all the things that break/fall apart, and are “un-repairable”. He is currently studying several books on digital electronics, and has experimented with such projects as making batteries from lemons :-). Jonathan enjoys working in the workshop with his dad and brothers. He has quite the growing tool collection, and loves to build creative things with his younger brothers. He also enjoys backpacking, camping, mountain biking, reading, playing games, horses… and anything outdoors. He has a bike-refurbishing business where he purchases cheap used bikes and makes the necessary repairs to resell them.

_MG_9236Josiah (11) is a sweet blessing from the LORD. He is sensitive and loving. He’s quite, but will easily get into deep conversation on meaningful topics. He enjoys backpacking, camping, mountain biking, playing games, looking at books, and being tickled :) He is a very sweet boy, and spends much of his free time doing fun activities with Timothy! Josiah asks amazingly thoughtful questions like, “Daddy, how much rocket fuel does it take to get to the moon?” and “What is a DNA?” and after learning about DNA he would ask about many things, “Does this have DNA in it?” Josiah loves stopping by his dad’s office to read a section of “The Way Things Work” book and later reporting what he learned at the dinner table.

_MG_0797Timothy (6) is our miracle child. According to the doctor, he should not be with us. After 5 miscarriages, he is a special blessing of the LORD to us. He was born on Josiah’s birthday, (Josiah prayed the whole pregnancy that he would be born on his birthday.)  He is happy, fun loving, energetic, and full of entertaining faces :-) He loves to play outside on his bike and run through the woods with the big boys. He adores Jack, Buddy and Shiloh (our three dogs) and likes to tag along with others doing “real work” –  yard and outdoor projects with the guys, assisting Daddy in the wood shop, and helping Sarah plant things in the garden. He is a delight to be with.